Awards & Achievements

Coven Acknowledgements

Acknowledgement: Stephen O’Mallie

We acknowledge and honor Stephen O’Mallie, progenitor of House O’Mallie.  After 25 years, the Greater Vampyre Community is indebted to your protection, your wisdom, and your influence on the community we know and love.

Acknowledgement: Tim Burton

We acknowledge Tim Burton for his unwavering support. While the Coven may not see it, he has supported the evolution of the Coven since day 1 and has backed us energetically and financially. We are beyond grateful.

Acknowledgement: Luis “Morpheus” Perez

We acknowledge Luis “Morpheus” Perez for his outstanding effort towards keeping the Coven’s Facebook group going and being one of our biggest supporters behind the scenes. You rock, Morpheus!.

Acknowledgement: Server Boosters

Thank you so much to our amazingly generous Discord members who have boosted our server! Without them, we wouldn’t have all of our wicked server customization options. We salute you, harbingers of creativity!

Acknowledgement: Coven Supporters – April 2022

We acknowledge people who have show great effort and support for the Coven. Thank you so much for being an integral part of what makes our Coven great! your shining light makes our Coven a wonderful place to be.