About Our Coven

The Vampyre Coven is the largest real vampire network available!

The Vampyre Coven is a global Vampyre Community network with a mission to raise the vibration of the greater nightside community as a whole. We do this by offering a full range of support and resources for the vampyre, therian, otherkin, and pagan communities. As you can see, our language and motif does revolve around the real vampire… but we welcome all of the nightside & alterhuman community. Our mysticism and traditions are beneficial to all who seek it.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to the Vampyre Current

We here at The Vampyre Coven seek to invoke courage, wisdom, comradery, and evolution amongst our Coven and the greater community. We intend to honor the vampire spirit through devotion to working with the vampyre current. We honor the community by continuing to evolve vampyric systems of the past. As a Coven, we strive for a higher sense of purpose than most others like us. By example, we lead a charge to raise the energetic vibration of the entire global vampyre community.

Mission & Purpose

The mission of The Vampyre Coven is to provide a home for anyone who aligns with the Vampyre Current around the world. We strive to be a Coven that teaches a practical folk witchcraft tradition that aligns with what we call the Sanguine Current. We practice with the natural rhythm of life force marked by the the natural ebbs and flows of energy with the phases of the moon and our wheel of the year. We recognize the sacred flame that burns within us all and stoke those flames through shared creative learning experience. We endeavor to control the forces within us that make life possible in order to live wisely and deliciously.

Our purpose is to raise the vibration of the entire vampyre community by empowering our members to reach their highest potential and showing them how to embark on their own journey with the community. We seek to teach those who are looking for knowledge, empower those who strive for confidence, and lift those up who wish to become leading examples within the community.

Our Team

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Vampyre Witchcraft



Our Community

Next Steps

Next Steps

Our Beliefs & Values

The Covenant of The Vampyre Coven is a set of tenets that every member of The Coven agrees to when they join. As a member of the Coven, you will be expected to uphold these tenets. The Covenant is a Pact all members make to uphold our core values. By joining our Coven and becoming member here, your agreement to these values is implied.

Blood of the Covenant

The Blood of the Covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. We, the members of The Vampyre Coven, understand that we are a family by means of common interest. Our energetic bonds grow the more we interact. Over time, we all become unique parts of a single spiritual organism. We understand that we may not always see eye to eye, but we also understand that we must acknowledge and celebrate our unique individuality as well as our shared commonalities. Together we grow as a spiritual family. Comrades of the Blood. Try to see things through the eyes of your coven mates and understand their behavior. Diversity and open-mindedness empowers us. Treat those of the blood with honor, dignity, and respect at all times.


Respect for Each Other

Always remain courteous and show respect. Even to those who are less deserving. That does not mean to allow people to disrespect you. This simply means you should handle yourself in an unemotional diplomatic manner whenever possible. Resolve conflicts privately when you can. Confront those who have offended you directly but without aggression. Know that you have the right to protect yourself, your honor, your family, and your home; but, you need to do it with respect. This means hate speech, bullying, verbal abuse, discriminatory statements based on race, nationality, gender, age, or sexuality will be met with expulsion. Respect also means respecting boundaries. If you disrespect boundaries you break consent and you will be removed from the Coven. That includes unwanted advances and unnecessarily lewd comments. Consent is ALWAYS required.

Respect for Reality

The Vampyre Coven is a space that takes real vampyrism very seriously. While we are a space that allows the sharing of aesthetics, lifestyles, media, and fiction… we are a place of truth above all else. As a space that caters to real vampyres, therian, and otherkin as well as witches and other nightside beings… we will always carry ourselves with a realistic point of view. We are a safe space to practice away from the common filth of the greater community.


Be honest. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Behave in a way that generates trust. Have pride in yourself and your Coven. Take responsibility for your actions. Be accountable and hold others accountable. Vampyres are often not bound by the constraints of human morality. However, due to the spectrum of morality amongst vampyres, it is of the utmost importance to live a life of integrity. Integrity is something our community widely lacks, and we need to fix that.


We show our loyalty to our Coven and our Community through acts of devotion to the Vampyre Current. Our community is one that thrives on creative energy. The Vampyre Coven supports all sorts of nightkind creators. Through the support of vampyric small businesses, performers, event producers, content creators, teachers, writers, artists, etc… We show our devotion to vampire culture and the vampyre community with our time and resources. Supporting creators within our own communities helps form our own energetic web for the creative flow for our many entrepreneurs, performers, artists, and self ran small businesses that exist all around us. Creating events helps showcase all of the aforementioned and gives a platform for progress within the community. We must all put forth effort to keep our Sacred Flame burning!

All members of The Vampyre Coven are encouraged to contribute to our projects and the Vampyre Community to the fullest use of their talents and skills. I promise, we want you to get involved. Hit us up to find out how! The evolution of the community starts with you!


Evolution of the Vampyre Community is imminent. Our Coven is at the helm of rushing in a new era of community dynamics. We strive to honor the traditions and history of the past while evolving those systems for modern times. It’s time we took our power back from those who do nothing but hold us back. We are powerful evolved beings, let’s start acting like it and practicing as such.

“The Vampyre Current is a place where wisdom and power can be found in the shadows. Through the alchemization of our own shadows and stripping ourselves of the human conditioning we’ve picked up through our lives, we reach closer to our highest potential.”

– Lady Jessica Lovelace

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

The Vampyre Coven is operated by a Council. As the central and chief policy-making body for The Vampyre Coven, the Council’s mission is to provide strong, innovative, and effective leadership for the benefit of The Vampyre Coven, it’s members, and our greater community. The Council’s responsibilities include the oversight of internal agencies, operations, and growth of the Coven. Led by the Lady of the Coven, the members of the Council are working to improve the quality of existence within the greater Vampyre Community by creating educational opportunities, gatherings & events, and developing a range of support resources for vampyres, therians, and otherkin.

Lady of the Coven: Jessica Lovelace

Lady of the Coven: Jessica Lovelace

High Priestess

Lady Jessica Lovelace O’Mallie-Corvidae – Lady of the Coven
Sheriff of the Mobtown Halo
Matriarch of House Omnia Corvus
Elder of House O’Mallie

Morpheus Corvinae

Morpheus Corvinae

Council Member

Andy Maplesden

Andy Maplesden

Council Member


Common Questions

Are Vampires Real?

Yes, vampyres are real. No, they are nothing like the movies. Vampyres, aka Real Vampires or Human Living Vampires are individuals who identify as vampyric for one reason or another. There’s a blog about it that you can check out here.

Can you turn me?

The popular answer to this question is no… The reason being is that one can not be turned in the way it is shown in the movies. No, nobody can drain you of your blood and give you blood back so that you become an immortal vampire. That’s not how any of this works.

The Unpopular response is yes, we can help you realize your vampyric self should the potential lie within you. Much like all people have the potential to spark their inner witch flame with practice, one can awaken their vampyric self if you are dedicated to doing so. It is not just a quick “yes here do this spell and suddenly you’re a vampyre.” So, if you’re looking for instant gratification, we’re not the place for you. If you’re ready to embark on the journey and do the work… We can show you the way.

Why does the Coven charge money for membership?

Our tiered membership system is an optional Coven dues system that is in place for our members and allies to show support for our work.

Keeping up with the Coven website and group, creating content for them both,writing the Academy curriculum and recording content for that, and the general upkeep takes countless hours of work. We have already invested hundreds teetering on thousands of dollars into the Coven and we’ve barely just gotten started!

Through the generous contributions of our supporters, we are able to keep up with the demands of the rapid growth of this Coven. We are able to offer new materials and resources to our members through the funding of our supporters. Our supporters keep us going and creating resources for you to utilize. Our supporters sustain this project, and we can’t possibly thank you enough!

We sure try tho! By offering tons of perks for being one of the Coven supporters. Make sure to check the memberships page here

Does your coven "rule" over anything?

NO! We are not a Court. We are not royal. We do not attempt to lay claim as a pseudo-government nor ruling body. We are a private (yet transparent) institution that filters through information available to the vampire community and compiles reputable sources for others to partake in. Our mission is to make practical and realistic information, support, education, and events available to the nightside public. All of our members are willing participants that are welcome to come and go as they please.

As with any Coven, we do have a Council that handles the operations of the Coven. Council positions are given to those who show exemplary service to the Coven and our community. None of these positions are royal nor do we pretend to be such.

What's with your Coven's leadership structure?

Our Coven’s Council is comprised of individuals who have shown exemplary service to the Coven and have proven their skills in a particular area of expertise. Each council position comes with its own unique duties and expectations that keep the Coven going. Learn more about our council Here

Do you require purchases to be a member?

No! We have no required exchange of money. Nobody is forced to make any purchases. However, we do make things like premium memberships, altar kits, merchandise, and other items available through our shop. We do this not only to benefit our members but to also help raise funds to keep this Coven going!

Do Vampires Have Superhuman Abilities?

No, Vampyres do not have superhuman abilities or superpowers. We’re not dead nor immortal. We can’t physically fly. We aren’t super fast or super strong without training for it. Becoming a vampyre will not make you extraordinary (without hard work) and it won’t fix your life. It doesn’t give you a free pass to kill people or do anything generally harmful to anyone. If you’re here because you have a fantasy of being bitten and turned and it’s going to solve all of your problems, I have some bad news for you…

Now with that said, Vampyres very much do have power. We have the intrinsic ability to perceive, manipulate, gather, and utilize energy for our intent and desires. With training and practice, one can learn to tap into the Vampyre Current to realize all sorts of sorcery. It takes time and practice to get there though.

Do all Vampires believe the same thing?

No, definitely not. Vampyrism is not a black and white, everyone believes 1 thing situation. There are many systems of belief about what a vampyre is, why vampyrism occurs, and the way to practice being a vampyre. We here at The Vampyre Coven practice a spiritual kind of vampyrism. We are heavily coded with witchcraft. Not everyone chooses to work that way, and that’s okay. We have space for everyone as long as what we believe is respected. Come sit and learn with us!

Do Vampires Actually Feed?

Yes, vampyres feed. No, not by force or by killing people. There are Psychic, Psy, or Psi vampyres that commonly feed on life force energy or prana. Sanguine vampyres do feed on blood. Majority of Vampyres vow to do so in an ethical and consensual manner. Many abide by the same “safe, sane, and consensual” motto and attitude found in kink communities.

You can read more about this here

Are Vampires Immortal?

No, Vampyres are not immortal. Not physically at least. Vampyres recognize the finite length of our mortal lives. We are very much in tune with our mortality. However, there are some vampyres who believe themselves to be the reincarnated spirits of ancient vampires. Or they believe that their vampyric spirit has reincarnated many times over and this is just another stop in an immortal path. Many vampyres find themselves on a quest for immortality by means of fame and glory much like the Vikings strived to live in a manner that would have them praised throughout history in the songs and sagas of their legends.

Do I have to join a vampire organization as a vampyre?

No, you do not have to join any organization you don’t want to. To be unaffiliated is to be considered “Ronin” in the community. The Vampyre Coven doesn’t require you to swear any kind of oath with us. While we adore our loyal members, everyone is welcome to come and go as you please. You may be here and still be Ronin if you want. Never let someone pressure you into becoming a member of something. You’re allowed to feel things out, be a prospect of a house, court, coven, or whatever for a while. Reputable organizations will allow you a no-strings-attached prospect period to make sure you’re a good fit before you commit yourself to their organization. If at some point you’d like to become a part of the Coven’s bloodline, that can be discussed…. but that is earned and taken very seriously.