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The Vampyre Coven’s Bylaws

The Vampyre Coven’s Bylaws

The Vampyre Coven’s Mission Statement


The Vampyre Coven is dedicated to cultivating a dynamic yet practical atmosphere where the realms of witchcraft and vampyrism intertwine harmoniously.

     The Vampyre Coven strives to be a premiere Haven for discerning members of the Vampyre Commmunity & Subculture with a special focus on the experiences of the Pagan Vampyre Witch.

The Vampyre Coven exists as an open forum for its members to share knowledge, wisdom, and ideas.


The Vampyre Coven’s Statement of Purpose


The Vampyre Coven was created for Vampyres by Vampyres who are dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the Vampyre Subculture and Community.


Our purposes are to:

  1. Live in a manner which honors our vampyric selves and the vampyre current, following the ethics of our Covenant.
  2. Explore and practice Vampyrecraft, through the lens of the Pagan Vampyre Witch.
  3. Build, strengthen, and defend individuals, organizations, and publications within the greater VC of good merit and standing by increasing communication, understanding, and support amongst discerning vampyres; as well as promoting cohesive vampyre culture.
  4. Hold Vampyric rituals on our Sabbats, Esbats and special occasions whenever possible in order to celebrate the ebbs and flows of The Vampyre Current.
  5. Project ourselves as a public beacon to help estranged Vampyres find their way to a respectable community.
  6. Teach Vampyric tradition and technique to help discerning vampyres exude vampyric excellence.
  7. Support, encourage, and aid individuals and organizations in their desires or efforts to disseminate factual and/or practical information (or fight misinformation) regarding the vampyre community and subculture.


Coven Overview


As a Coven, we are very open minded and explore all of the aspects of vampyrism. From occultism, ritualist blood magic, psychic vampyrism, to topics that are even taboo or frowned upon in our own circles like the intersection of vampyrism and kink, lifestyle, fashion, games, media, and more. We take ourselves seriously but we can have fun too. Discernment is the key to success with us.

We generally don’t believe in the existence corporeal immortal beings, or re-animated undead corpses and the like.

Members of The Vampyre Coven practice Vampyrecraft, where one hones the ability to practice certain forms of witchcraft & magic that might grant one special abilities to perform certain magickal &/or spiritual functions, such as divination, psychic influence, energetic sorcery, hedge crossing, etc.


The Vampyre Coven focuses on community building for like-minded individuals and those seeking knowledge and/or offering assistance. We have come together to form a community based on mutual respect and support of our lifestyle and beliefs.


There is no requirement to become an initiated member of The Vampyre Coven to utilize our website aside from any inner coven specific areas.



Coven Membership


The Outer Coven – The Vampyre Coven in all of its public forms are what makes up our “Outer Coven.” It includes all of the members of our various online outlets like our Facebook group and other various outlets. Outer Coven Members are expected to uphold our Covenant and live in the image of our collective purpose to the best of their abilities. Egregious infraction against our codes can and will beget expulsion. Outer Coven membership is available to the public, but membership is an at-will agreement where both the member and the Coven can revoke their access at any point.


The Inner Coven – The Vampyre Coven does have an Inner Coven. It is our private sanctum of initiated practitioners and Coven dedicants who swear an oath to uphold higher standards and duties for the betterment and growth of themselves and the Coven. Membership is offered by invitation only to select individuals chosen by merit and agreed upon by all members of the Inner Coven.


How to Become a Member

Outer Coven – Join our Facebook Group! or send Lady Corvidae a message on Discord  – Our Outer Coven is open to anyone who matches the energy of the Coven. We’re not for everyone, and we’re open about that fact. We litter the words “discerning” and “practical” all over this page (and website) for a reason. We’re Vampyres & magical practitioners with a down to Earth demeanor about what we’re doing. We keep a specific demeanor and energy about us and we tailor our membership accordingly.


The Inner Coven – Show up for the Outer Coven. Show face. Make your presence known. Get involved. Ask Questions. Lead & engage in conversations. Only through distinct merit and effort will you be granted an invitation.
Warning: It is not easy to get an invitation. Do not create false hope for yourself and get upset if you don’t get invited. Our doors are rarely open to new members.








The Vampyre Coven is funded by our Headmistress and by the support of this Patreon and purchases you make from this Etsy store.

Your support, subscriptions, purchases, and donations are what keeps this Coven resource going and growing <3


About The Author

☥Jessica O'Mallie-Corvidae

Jessica Corvidae is an artist, writer, creator, teacher, and full time Vampyre Witch. Her uniquely practical Pagan approach to Vampyre Witchcraft and her longstanding leadership within the Vampyre Community has piqued the interests of audiences across the globe. Jessica’s no-nonsense attitude and low tolerance for bullshit has gained not only the attention, but the friendship and loyalty of many along the way.

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