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House Omnia Corvus – The Corvidae Bloodline – Baltimore, Maryland

House Omnia Corvus – The Corvidae Bloodline – Baltimore, Maryland

House Omnia Corvus


Location: The Mobtown Halo – Maryland’s Vampyre Community.

Founders: Jessica O’Mallie-Corvidae & Kronos O’Mallie-Corvidae

Consecrated: January 1, 2019

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What is House Omnia Corvus?

House Omnia Corvus is a modern Vampyre House that dedicates its time to curating safe areas for practical and responsible nightside kin to express their nature and explore their journey. We are a small and very selective private House that works hard together to learn, grow, and maintain our sister organizations. All of our members are involved with the Greater Vampyre Community to varying degrees. Despite our small numbers, we have a large footprint and impact on the Vampyre Community both locally in the Mobtown Halo as well as abroad & online.

Mission Statement

At House Omnia Corvus, we offer a home for practical real vampyres who align with the current of Corvidae. The Corvidae Current is one of sincerity, constancy, integrity, introspection, wit, personal power, and a studious approach to vampyric and magickal history & practice. We work together and with other members of the Vampyre Community; both locally and abroad, to empower the nightside community through vampyric education, safety training, and energy & magickal practice.

The Quest of Omnia Corvus

It is a fundamental quest of House Omnia Corvus to empower the future of the VC, by seeking out and bringing together our kin who align with our mission and are tired of dealing with the same ol VC bullshit. We wish to exemplify the change we want to see in the future of the VC through our work and actions.

We do this by:

  • Operating several organizations with the mission of curating productive public, semi public, and private access areas for various levels of community involvement and immersion. To include both our own inner work as well as places like The Vampyre Coven, The Vampyre Witch Society, etc.
  • Partnering with our parent house; House O’Mallie, in the upholding of O’Mallie’s 30 year Legacy and the proven standards that we carry when it comes to Vampyre Community relations. All of the community organizations we manage align with the Legacy of O’Mallie, sharing our Codes of Honor across all of our related organizations.
  • Curating and/or sponsoring a myriad of events meant to help bring community together both online and in person, locally and abroad.
  • Offering public spaces for other organizations, leaders, teachers, makers, promoters, artists, and all the small businesses of the VC to come and promote their wares, services, and wisdom to promote our community’s economy.


Skeletons in the Park October 2023 – An event sponsored by House Omnia Corvus


Philosophy of Omnia Corvus

Omnia Corvus is a phrase that tells us to take in all the messages that come to us on the wings of corvids. Ravens embody wisdom, mystery, and transformation. They are revered as messengers of the divine or guardians of the underworld, bridging the realms of the living and the dead. Their jet-black plumage and haunting calls evoke a sense of enigma and otherworldliness, prompting associations with magic and prophecy. Ravens symbolize resourcefulness and adaptation, thriving in diverse environments and embodying the resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges. Ravens are revered in many cultures for bringing forth wisdom and stories from many perspectives. Their intelligence and keen observation have earned them a reputation as creatures of deep insight and foresight.

As a House, we recognize wisdom comes from many sources. There is no one single “correct” path and we are always open to learning more about vampyrism, philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, etc.

When one sees a raven it is a sign of an important message, not to be ignored. The Raven is not always a good sign, but always one to be shown respect and haste. As a Family, we choose to take in ALL the knowledge that the Raven has presented before us. We do not ignore the signs that we see and we follow whatever path we are led to.

  • We are the Watchers.
  • We are the liminal creatures able to collect wisdom as we fly between the realms.
  • We are the protectors of the night.
  • We are ever evolving.
  • We are sought after for our observation and insight.
  • We are the harbingers of change.
  • We are the advisors who see the truth before anyone else.
  • We are the bringers of messages you should not ignore.
  • We are seekers of knowledge and infinite wisdom.
  • Our journeys are never over. Our study, never finished.

New Orleans Meet & Greet w/ Lucretia Death & The Vampyre Witch – Sponsored by House Omnia Corvus


In Reality…

We’re a family that works hard and plays hard. We’re family first, who love each other and make fun of each other the way family does. We debate and maybe we sometimes don’t get along… but we support each other and we lift each other up. Only we can tease our own though, as we’ll fiercely protect our kin. We talk on the daily and hang out online all the time. We see each other in person whenever we can. It’s all love and family shit most of the time…
We just also happen to be the ringleaders of a decently large VC presence as well that we have a lot of longer term goals and high hopes for ❤

Becoming a Member of the House

There is no formal application process when it comes to joining House Omnia Corvus. To become a member of House Omnia Corvus you must:

  • Make an effort to get to know the members of the House
  • Show dedication to the community through efforts in The Vampyre Coven or other related organizations.
  • Communicate directly with Lady Jessica O’Mallie-Corvidae 
  • Present qualities of alignment with the Corvidae current

These things are shown with time and we fully expect you to put your best foot forward, advocate for yourself, and show us who you are before we consider inviting you to explore joining our House.


In the mean time, we love making new friends and helping show you how to get more involved with the community both locally around us or closer to where you are. All you have to do is ask!





The O’Mallie-Corvidae Bloodline Heraldic Shield


About The Author

☥Jessica O'Mallie-Corvidae

Jessica Corvidae is an artist, writer, creator, teacher, and full time Vampyre Witch. Her uniquely practical Pagan approach to Vampyre Witchcraft and her longstanding leadership within the Vampyre Community has piqued the interests of audiences across the globe. Jessica’s no-nonsense attitude and low tolerance for bullshit has gained not only the attention, but the friendship and loyalty of many along the way.

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