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Support for those who walk the Nightside path…

Who we are and what we do!

Greatings, Beloved. Welcome to The Vampyre Coven!

The Vampyre Coven is a global vampyre network with a mission to raise the vibration of the nightside community. We plan to do this by offering a full range of support and resources for the vampire, therian, and otherkin community. As you can see, our language and motif does revolve around the vampyre… but we welcome all of the alterhuman community. Our mysticism is beneficial to all who seek it.

Our work as a global coven includes support and resources both online and in person. Through our network, we offer a variety of different opportunities to get involved with or establish your local community, learn more about your kith and kin, and find an online home to be amongst creatures just like you.

Community Support

The Vampyre Coven is a Global Network providing not only a home for all who walk the nightside path but support and resources for our kith and kin.

Resource Databank

The Vampyre Coven has an internal resource databank available only to our members. This Resource databank comes in several levels. Our membership tiers come with varying levels of access to our archives and resources.

Establishing Your Nightside

What does it mean to walk the Nightside path? What does this path look like for you? Your path will not look like anyone else’s, nor should it. We are here to help you explore what this path looks like and how it aligns with your personal goals. The mission of the Coven is always to help lift others into their absolute truths and be successful doing it.

Premier Educational Opportunities

The Vampyre Coven is a haven of learning the mystic arts of the nightside, the vampyre current, and energetic sorcery. We strive to put together educational opportunties both online and in person through rituals, classes, workshops, and other events.

Tiered memberships

The Vampyre Coven offers a tiered membership structure that resembles Patreon. This membership structure exists to support the work of everyone behind The Vampyre Coven. It is a pay what you can Coven dues structure that offers rewards for your contributions. Countless hours and hundreds (teetering on thousands) of dollars has already been invested into this Coven and we’re just getting started. The generous contributions of our members is what keeps our Coven alive.

Serving the Global VC

The Vampyre Coven is creating educational opportunities, nightside events, support, resources, mentors, and leaders for vampyre and alterhuman communities around the globe.

Vampyre Witch Academy

Our Academy is for those who are ready to evolve to the next stage of your nightside journey. Are you ready to deprogram your human conditioning, integrate your shadow, and master energetic sorcery?

Premier Nightside Gatherings

Coming to a city near you?! The Vampyre Coven is constantly working on bringing new events to both our online and in person hubs! Let us know if you’d like to see us in your area!


Earn certificates of completion and acknowledgements for your contributions to the Coven. The Vampyre Coven always wants to show you how proud we are of your achievements.

The Largest Global Vampyre Network Available on the Internet!

The Vampyre Coven boasts a network of almost 18,000 people in 6 different continents! The Vampyre Coven’s network both supports and is supported by dozens of Vampyre and other Alterhuman organizations. We are consistently praised as one of the best online Vampyre networks available.

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How Does It Work?

Joining The Vampyre Coven is super simple! If you follow these four easy steps you’ll be on your way to mastering your inner vampyric nature in no time! Signing up is designed to be simple and our onboarding process is quick and painless.

Step 1 - Choose Your Membership

Whether you choose a free membership or one of our prize packed premium memberships, you will subscribe to your membership here. Make sure to check out all of our membership plan options so that you can get everything you need and more from your Coven experience!

Step 2 - Sign in

Once you have subscribed to your membership, you should be signed in. But just in case… Sign into your new account and check everything out! When you sign in, you’ll be able to access the Members Only Lounge as well as a secret area that is only available to your specific membership level!

Step 3 - Join Our Groups & Explore

Join our Facebook, our Discord, and explore all the things that The Vampyre Coven has to offer!

Step 4 - Get Involved

The Vampyre Coven is always looking for people who want to go above and beyond to get involved in the greater vampyre community. Whether you want to step up and learn more about our inner workings, apprentice with a mentor, or figure out how to get involved in your local community… The Vampyre Coven is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you turn that dream into a reality. You just have to come equipped with the work ethic it takes to make those dreams come true. Are you ready?

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Common Questions

Are Vampires Real?

Yes, vampyres are real. No, they are nothing like the movies. Vampyres, aka Real Vampires or Human Living Vampires are individuals who identify as vampyric for one reason or another. There’s a blog about it that you can check out here.

Can you turn me?

The popular answer to this question is no… The reason being is that one can not be turned in the way it is shown in the movies. No, nobody can drain you of your blood and give you blood back so that you become an immortal vampire. That’s not how any of this works.

The Unpopular response is yes, we can help you realize your vampyric self should the potential lie within you. Much like all people have the potential to spark their inner witch flame with practice, one can awaken their vampyric self if you are dedicated to doing so. It is not just a quick “yes here do this spell and suddenly you’re a vampyre.” So, if you’re looking for instant gratification, we’re not the place for you. If you’re ready to embark on the journey and do the work… We can show you the way.

Why does the Coven charge money for membership?

Our tiered membership system is an optional Coven dues system that is in place for our members and allies to show support for our work.

Keeping up with the Coven website and group, creating content for them both, writing the Academy curriculum and recording content for that, and the general upkeep takes countless hours of work. We have already invested hundreds teetering on thousands of dollars into the Coven and we’ve barely just gotten started!

Through the generous contributions of our supporters, we are able to keep up with the demands of the rapid growth of this Coven. We are able to offer new materials and resources to our members through the funding of our supporters. Our supporters keep us going and creating resources for you to utilize. Our supporters sustain this project, and we can’t possibly thank you enough!

We sure try tho! By offering tons of perks for being one of the Coven supporters. Make sure to check the memberships page here

Does your coven "rule" over anything?

NO! We are not a Court. We are not royal. We do not attempt to lay claim as a pseudo-government nor ruling body. We are a private (yet transparent) institution that filters through information available to the vampire community and compiles reputable sources for others to partake in. Our mission is to make practical and realistic information, support, education, and events available to the nightside public. All of our members are willing participants that are welcome to come and go as they please.

As with any Coven, we do have a Council that handles the operations of the Coven. Council positions are given to those who show exemplary service to the Coven and our community. None of these positions are royal nor do we pretend to be such.

Do you require purchases to be a member?

No! We have no required exchange of money. Nobody is forced to make any purchases. However, we do make things like altar kits, merchandise, premium content, and other items available through our shop and tiered memberships. We do this not only to benefit our members but to also help raise funds to keep this Coven going!

Do Vampires Have Superhuman Abilities?

No, Vampyres do not have superhuman abilities or superpowers. We’re not dead nor immortal. We can’t physically fly. We aren’t super fast or super strong without training for it. Becoming a vampyre will not make you extraordinary (without hard work) and it won’t fix your life. It doesn’t give you a free pass to kill people or do anything generally harmful to anyone. If you’re here because you have a fantasy of being bitten and turned and it’s going to solve all of your problems, I have some bad news for you… that’s not how any of this works

Now with that said, Vampyres do have power. We have the intrinsic ability to perceive, manipulate, gather, and utilize energy for our intent and desires. With training and practice, one can learn to tap into the Vampyre Current to realize all sorts of magic & sorcery. It takes time and practice to get there though.

Do all Vampires believe the same thing?

No, definitely not. Vampyrism is not a black and white, everyone believes 1 thing situation. There are many systems of belief about what a vampyre is, why vampyrism occurs, and the way to practice being a vampyre. We here at The Vampyre Coven practice a spiritual kind of vampyrism. We are heavily coded with witchcraft. Not everyone chooses to work that way, and that’s okay. We have space for everyone as long as what we believe is respected. Come sit and learn with us!

Do Vampires Actually Feed?

Yes, vampyres feed. No, not by force or by killing people. Vampyres commonly feed on life force energy or prana. Majority of Vampyres vow to do so in an ethical, consensual manner. Many abide by the same “safe, sane, and consensual” motto and attitude found in kink communities.

Are Vampires Immortal?

No, Vampyres are not immortal. Not physically at least. Vampyres recognize the finite length of our mortal lives. We are very much in tune with our mortality. However, there are some vampyres who believe themselves to be the reincarnated spirits of ancient vampires. Or they believe that their vampyric spirit has reincarnated many times over and this is just another stop in an immortal path. Many vampyres find themselves on a quest for immortality by means of fame and glory much like the Vikings strived to live in a manner that would have them praised throughout history in the songs and sagas of their legends.

Do I have to join a vampire organization as a vampyre?

No, you do not have to join any organization you don’t want to. To be unaffiliated is to be considered “Ronin” in the community. The Vampyre Coven doesn’t require you to swear any kind of oath with us. While we adore our loyal members, everyone is welcome to come and go. You may be here and still be Ronin if you want. Never let someone pressure you into becoming a member of something. You’re allowed to feel things out, be a prospect of a house, court, coven, or whatever for a while. Reputable organizations will allow you a no-strings-attached prospect period to make sure you’re a good fit before you commit yourself to their organization. If at some point you’d like to become a part of the Coven’s bloodline, that can be discussed…. but that is earned and taken very seriously and does require oaths, interaction requirements, and loyalty to our family.

Service Areas

We Serve The Entire Community

Our resources cover a wide network and include individuals and groups from all over the world. You can choose to see our Community Organizations Map or our Vampyre Friendly Businesses Map by clicking the appropriate button below!

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Become part of the largest and fastest growing global vampyre community organization. We’re much more than just an organization, we’re a family. We walk our journeys side by side and work together to grow our connections with each other and with the vampyre current.


We Come to You


Our library of resources is available to you at the click of a button! Our comprehensive databank of resources for vampires, witches, therians, and otherkin can be made available to you through one of our tiered membership options!


Vampyre Witchcraft


The original home of the blood soaked path, a journey through vampyric witchcraft. The Vampyre Coven is being modeled off of both traditional vampyre community organizations as well as traditional witch covens… We are a seamless blend of both. Our Coven Leader is one of the first co-authors of a vampyric tradition that follows a more ecstatic folk witchcraft path rather than western occultism and ceremonial LHP magick. There is a place for all types of spiritual practice in the vampyre community, So we wish to bring something different to the table. We intend to bring forth a vampyric journey that stokes the sacred witch flame along the way.


The Best of the Best

The Vampyre Coven is operated by some of the most trusted names in the Greater Vampyre Community. Led by Lady Jessica Lovelace O’Mallie-Corvidae and backed by House O’Mallie, you can expect a safe and protected environment to learn and express yourself.