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The Vampyre Coven Ankh & its Symbolism

The Vampyre Coven Ankh & its Symbolism
As you may or may not know, it is a regular custom within the Vampyre Community to create Ankh “sigils” that become identifying symbols or “colors” worn as pendants. These stylized Ankhs are created and worn to represent the spirit of specific bloodlines or Houses(organizations) One of the most famous ones in the Vampyre Community the Sabretooth Legacy Ankh.
I am working on creating one for us here at The Vampyre Coven. As seen above (and down below again some)



In the real Vampyre community, the Ankh holds a lot of symbolic importance and significance. Originally it was the Ancient Egyptian symbol associated with the concept of eternal life & spiritual energy. It represents eternal life and immortality. Because of this symbolism and its popularity in popculture vampire depictions, the Ankh has become a symbol synonymous with vampyres in the last 40(ish) years. Spiritual Vampyres are often on a quest to explore spiritual immortality, and thus the Ankh resonates as a powerful symbol. The Spiritual Energy that is able to be stored in an ankh can be a great asset to vampyric individuals and practitioners. For many Vampyres, the Ankh serves as a symbol of their identity and connection to the broader community. It acts as a unifying symbol, representing a shared understanding and acknowledgment of the vampyric nature or essence that individuals within the community perceive themselves to possess. By wearing or displaying the Ankh, community members can express their affiliation and find a sense of belonging among like-minded individuals.




The Blade [The Bladed Ankh]

The Bladed Ankh as first seen in relation to vampires in the 1983 movie called “The Hunger.”

A Virgin's View on The Hunger (1983) – Vamped

In 1996, Father Sebastiaan commissioned his own bladed ankhs from Master Metalsmith Lord D’Drennan to represent Sabretooth. His Legacy Ankhs are one of the most widely recognized vampire ankh symbols in the world, second only to the V:tM ankh. The original Legacy Ankh has inspired the creation and customization of dozens if not hundreds of other ankhs over the last couple decades.

Vampire Legacy Ankh — Magazine —

I have continued with this tradition for our design… sort of. A lot of people keep design elements of the Legacy Ankh to represent their connection to the original Legacy and the Vampyre Current born from that era. This is often represented through the shape of the blade. The Legacy Ankh’s blade is the shape of the curved simitar blade. Ours is more akin to the original Sanguine Ankh. It’s a straight symmetrical blade style rather than the curved. The Sanguine Ankh was the original sigil of the Sanguinarium in the mid to late 90s, before the community became so divided. We hope to pull inspiration from those years, rather than from all the years of problems thereafter, and thus we pull inspiration from the original design from the *before* times.

No description available.
The Sanguine Ankh circa 1998-1999 – in LadyCorvidae’s Collection


The Bat

Bats are beloved creatures in vampire lore. But around the world bats have beliefs and superstitions ranging from symbols of happiness, good fortune, and long life in China, yet are seen as evil symbols of the devil, black magic, and terrible witches all over the world. As Vampyres, many of us resonate with being seen in polar extremes by those who may or may not truly understand us.
Because of their echolocation abilities, they represent the ability to see the unseen. In many folkloric stories they are symbols of transformation, rebirth, and the afterlife. For an endless amount of reasons, bats are incredible creatures that have been synonymous with vampire lore for centuries. Here are a few examples:
  1. Night and Darkness: Bats are creatures of the night, often associated with darkness and the nocturnal realm. This aligns with the vampyric spirit, as vampires are typically depicted as beings who thrive in the darkness and have an affinity for the night. Bats symbolize the mysterious and hidden aspects of life, the shadow self, and the exploration of the unknown.
  2. Transformation and Rebirth: Bats undergo a remarkable metamorphosis from being small, helpless creatures to taking flight and navigating the skies. This transformative process is often seen as a symbol of rebirth and personal growth. Similarly, when it comes to vampyres, the symbolism of bats reflects the idea of embracing personal transformation, shedding old identities, and embracing a new vampyric existence.
  3. Adaptability and Resilience: Bats are known for their adaptability and ability to navigate through the darkness using echolocation. They represent resilience and the capacity to thrive in challenging circumstances. This symbolism is associated with the ability to navigate the complexities of life, including societal perceptions, while staying true to one’s nature.
  4. Perception and Intuition: Bats rely on their heightened senses, particularly echolocation, to navigate and find their way in the dark. This symbolism emphasizes the importance of perception and intuition. We view bats as a reminder to trust their instincts, tap into their intuitive abilities, and explore the depths of the darkness without fear.
  5. Spiritual and Otherworldly Connection: Bats are seen as creatures with a connection to the spiritual realm or the supernatural. Their ability to fly and traverse between realmss evokes asense of otherworldliness. To us, bats symbolize a portal through the hedge or a cave to another realm, allowing exploration of the mystical aspects of existence. They embody connection to realms beyond the physical.


May be an illustration


The Silver Moon

The Silver Crescent moon that crowns the design is the representation of our immortal and divine selves as nightside creatures. Being that I am “The Vampyre Witch” and this is my Coven, I’m going ahead and leaning into the spiritual nature of the Vampyrism I practice and teach. I recognize that’s not for everyone, but then again, this Coven isn’t for everyone…

Beyond that, the moon is known as a symbol of mystery and evolution. Always going through cycles and changing over time. Because of this constant mysterious and transient nature, the moon becomes our personal portal between spiritual planes. The light of the moon illuminates the deepest depths & darkest paths. It exposes our shadows and shines brightly upon our conscious and subconscious selves. The light of the moon fuels our intuition and opens us to hear the messages sent to us through aether & energy

  1. Lunar Energy: The crescent moon represents the intuitive aspects of existence. It symbolizes the ebb and flow of energies, the cycles of life, and the mysteries of the night. It signifies our connection to mystical and the nocturnal forces.
  2. Mysticism and Spirituality: The crescent moon has long been linked to mysticism, magic, and spirituality. It is often regarded as a symbol of the hidden and the esoteric. The silver crescent moon embodies the spiritual and mystical practices and beliefs that vampyres explore. It symbolizes our engagement with astral realms, energy work, and the pursuit of spiritual knowledge.
  3. Transformation and Metamorphosis: The crescent moon’s shape resembles a gradual transformation, starting from darkness and growing into illumination. This symbolism aligns with the idea of personal transformation and metamorphosis. Members of the Coven see the silver crescent moon as a representation of our own journey of self-discovery, embracing our vampyric nature, and evolving into our authentic divine selves.
  4. Lunar Magick and Divination: The moon has long been associated with magick and divination practices. The silver crescent moon symbolizes the use of lunar energy for spellcasting, rituals, and the exploration of the mystical arts. It represents the Vampyre community’s connection to the occult, our use of symbolism, and our engagement with magickal practices associated with the moon’s cycles.

The Seven Pointed Star – The Septagram


The seven-pointed star, often referred to as the heptagram or septagram, carries a long list of symbolic meanings across different belief systems. Its earliest uses are Kabbalistic and Christian in nature, actually… but the symbol has been claimed since the late 80s to correspond with the otherkin movement. We pull from the modern neo-pagan and otherkin meanings of the of the Septagram and recognize this symbolism within it:

    1. Key symbol within our budding magickal tradition
    2. Otherkin Community Roots – The Otherkin Community adopted the Septagram in the late 80s and it has carried forward ever since. As a Coven, our community has always been more tailored to an esoteric vampyrism and we honor our vampyric spirits through this connection. Not every vampyre feels themselves to be “alterhuman” but many of us do and have been made to feel shame about that fact over the years. We don’t find shame in it at all, we find pride in it. I find power in my vampyric spirit and that nod comes forth in this design.
    3. Fairy/Faery Symbolism: The seven-pointed star is commonly associated with the realm of fairies or faeries. It represents the magical and mystical nature of these mythical beings. The 5 pointed star or pentagram often represents the 5 points of the human body. 2 hands, 2 feet, 1 head. The Septagram adds 2 wings to make 7 points.
    4. Seven Elements: The seven-pointed star can also represent the seven fundamental elements or forces in certain spiritual systems. These elements often include Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Aether. The star symbolizes the integration and balance of these forces, embodying their combined power and the interconnectedness of all things.
    5. Seven Directions: North, South, East, West, Above, Below, Within.

But most of all, it represents the 7 tenets of our Covenant

 It represents the pact we all make to uphold our Code of Honor within our group and within our community.

  1. Blood of the Covenant [Family]
  2. Respect [For Each Other & For Reality]
  3. Integrity
  4. Personal Responsibility
  5. Tolerance
  6. Secrecy
  7. Evolution

Our 7 tenets mirror the tenets of the O’Mallie Clan & House Omnia Corvus. 


Plus there’s also:

  • 7 classical planets
  • 7 steps in the alchemical process
  • 7 major chakras
  • 7 colors of the rainbow
  • 7 days in the week
  • 7 archangels
  • 7 levels of heaven
  • 7 layers of hell

7 is just a deep magic number that can resonate with anyone and that symbolism is lent to the Septagram. It is a near universal symbol of power that anyone can resonate with.



May be an illustration


This is our sigil design so far. This is only a draft, the design is subject to change a bit before it gets produced. There’s also some steps that need to happen before they get produced. But they’ll be out soon, hopefully!
The only thing keeping us back from producing the prototypes is funds. You can pledge $5 to the cause by signing up to my patreon here.



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