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How to Use the Internet For Astral Travel

How to Use the Internet For Astral Travel

The internet, often likened to a colossal energy superhighway, stands as a multifaceted conduit of information, entertainment, and communication. In this expansive digital realm, users traverse a vast landscape, tapping into a wealth of data and possibilities akin to embarking on a journey to anywhere imaginable. This digital doorway illuminates the internet’s role as a portal, beckoning individuals to enter and explore the boundless realms it encompasses. Beyond the confines of traditional computing devices, the internet has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of our daily lives, with cellphones, TVs, gaming systems, and an array of other interconnected gadgets serving as conduits to this virtual universe. The integration of these devices not only underscores the ubiquity of internet access but also transforms them into interactive energetic gateways, allowing users to seamlessly navigate and engage with the boundaries between digital and astral landscapes . Thus, the internet emerges not merely as a technological tool but as a dynamic, interconnected ecosystem that transcends physical boundaries, offering a transformative and immersive experience through the energetic portals we create through our devices.


So how exactly do you traverse realms through the internet?

Immerse yourself in a profound experience by attuning to the subtle currents of energy that flow within and around you. As you embark on this journey, find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit or lie down in a relaxed position, closing your eyes gently.  If your goal is to feed on a target, you will often share digital space with said target either through chat clients or over video. If you’re with a donor, you will often look at them while you go through this process to attune with their energy to feed from. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling positivity and exhaling any tension or stress.

Turn your attention to your own energy. Feel it flowing within you, a gentle current of warmth and vitality. Sense this energy extending beyond your physical form, creating a vibrant aura that reaches out into the space around you.

Extend your awareness to the device at your fingertips or in front of you – be it a computer or phone –Envision a radiant energy field emanating from the device, connecting with your own energy. Picture the two energy fields intertwining, creating a harmonious link between you and the digital realm. Feel your energy body or tendrils reach through your device. Envision a dynamic connection unfolding, where your energy seamlessly merges with the intricate web that spans the globe, the World Wide Web. As you feel the synergy between your energy and the device’s energy, visualize the vast expanse of the internet as a cosmic web of interconnected energy threads. Envision your energetic self seamlessly merging with this intricate web, transcending physical boundaries.

Within this interconnected space, your thoughts become catalysts for exploration. Direct your focus towards someone, a place, or a specific location, and feel the energy traverse the virtual pathways of the internet, effortlessly seeking and finding the desired destination or donor. Direct your thoughts towards the person you wish to connect with. Picture their energy signature in your mind’s eye. Imagine a thread of energy extending from your location through the web, reaching out to their energetic presence wherever they may be. Transcending time and space, you reach through this web and out of your target’s device, now able to touch your donors energy body.

Feel the connection strengthening as your energy travels through the digital pathways, reaching the person you are focusing on. Visualize their energetic essence responding and intertwining with yours, creating a bridge of connection across the online space. Experience the shared energy, allowing thoughts, emotions, and intentions to flow freely between you and the other person. You can go a step further and try to communicate telepathically, sharing positive energy, love, or any messages you wish to convey.

In this cybernetic odyssey, the energy coursing through your donor can be pulled through the digital conduits and the passageways you’ve built. While your physical form remains rooted, your consciousness becomes a bridge between the tangible and the virtual, allowing you to reach through the astral and take in energy from where you’ve reached. You are now both present in your physical body and simultaneously transported to a new and distant location through the intricate energy web of the online realm, able to interact with and feed from your destination.

When you feel the connection is complete, express gratitude for the experience. Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment, gently returning to your physical surroundings.




Embarking on astral exploration can be an exhilarating but potentially unpredictable journey. While navigating other realms, one must remain prepared for encounters with other energetic entities or find themselves in less desirable environments. Despite the ease with which the energy of the internet facilitates travel, it is crucial to exercise caution. Rapidly transitioning between the astral plane and your physical body may result in dizziness, emphasizing the need for a measured approach to this practice. Additionally, the shared digital space harbors not only seekers of positive experiences but also individuals with less benevolent intentions. Developing a contingency plan to swiftly disengage from unfavorable encounters is essential for ensuring personal safety in this metaphysical exploration. Post-experience, it is advisable to fortify your energetic boundaries and safeguard your location, preventing potential unwanted followings from entities or individuals present in the digital astral landscape.

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