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House O’Mallie – The O’Mallie Clan & Bloodline

House O’Mallie – The O’Mallie Clan & Bloodline

House O’Mallie

Founder: Lord Stephen Orion-O’Mallie
Founded in: 1995
Point of Contact: Stephen O’Mallie, Jessica O’Mallie-Corvidae
New York Area: Veronica Malkavia
Texas/Central USA Area: Astra O’Mallie
Location: Home base Atlanta, Membership worldwide.


I think in order to properly understand House O’Mallie, you have to understand both Who we are and What we are. What’s the difference, you ask? Well… Who we are as people and as a family paints a different facet of our existence than what we are, our longstanding lineage, and our history. They both tell parallel stories that make up our being, but they explain different sides to us.

Who is House O’Mallie?

House O’Mallie is a House founded almost 30 years ago that now has around 70 members and allies based all around the world. We began as protectors and we persevere as protectors. Our tagline is “Fuck Around and Find Out” and we’ve stepped to that plate repeatedly over the last 3 decades. We’re the ones who clear the floor of any bullshit for the “weird ones” to express themselves freely, safely, and peacefully. We’ve always been the ones to drag people out who intend to rain on people’s parades and teach them the error of their ways. The way we express that protective nature has evolved over the years, but we’ve never stopped carrying that energy. We’re a family above all else, and we protect our own. Whether you’re bloodline, an ally, or a friend, we’ve got your back. But we’ll call you out for fucking up too. We express integrity above all and will protect those who exhibit the same values. I’ve heard us get called the real life Brujah clan, and as I learn more about what that means, I can’t say I disagree.

The Brujah are a clan of radicals and troublemakers, Embracing those willing to put someone in their place if the situation calls for it. Most see themselves as warriors with a cause, and these Rebels are guided by their passions, strength, and dedication to their ideals — whatever those may be

I mean, there is no lie detected.

(inb4 OmG she used a V:tM reference) stfu and read this

The O’Mallies have always been the misfits and the problem children, but the ones who will stand our ground and be the wall of protection from predators when the wrong people stepped into your space. O’Mallies have always been wild and passionate and we protect your right to express yourself however you see fit as long as you’re doing it safely and not infringing on others in unwanted ways. We’re the type to be there to guide you through tough shit or help you out when you fall down. We’re not gonna tell you how to live your life but we might advise you that you’re doing too much when you’re fucking up. It’s just how we are and always have been. Our guidance and council has always been sought because we’ve always been the practical minded protectors of the community.

Carrying O’Mallie energy is practically its own egregore at this point. Many people know through stories or experience what it means to have “O’Mallie energy.” It’s a specific type of “fuck around and find out” force that resonates from deep within that people either have or they don’t. People who know us or who are part of our family know exactly what I’m talking about. But this aura and energy has been built over decades showing the community that we value integrity above all and will always stand behind doing what’s right no matter what. Let’s take a look at how we got to where we are now.



What is House O’Mallie?

House O’Mallie is the first independent House that came out of the Gotham Halo in the Golden Age of Sabretooth in the mid 90’s, before the “falling out,” before Alpha & Omega, before things got truly difficult. In the early 1990’s; House O’Mallie’s founder Stephen, was invited to attend an event at an infamous nightclub in New York City known as “MOTHER.”

MOTHER is where the renowned event “Long Black Veil” or “LBV” was produced. LBV would be the birthplace of “The Black Veils,” the universal vampyric code of honor held throughout the VC (at the time). In the beginning, Stephen was one of the first recognized “Ronin” Vampyres in the scene, but he quickly established his place in Gotham and went on to blaze a magnanimous trail for House O’Mallie.

(The front doors of MOTHER)

Throughout the “glory days” of the Gotham Halo community, Steve’s protective nature saw him creating what was know as the first “Regent’s Guard.” Steve became the first Regent’s Guard, tasked with protecting the leaders of Gotham at the time. Eventually, Steve became the head of a group of individuals that became the first Regents Guard “battalion” and was ultimately named the Sheriff of the Community. Back then, the community was a different place. Being the sheriff then meant handling things in a much more hands on manner than people are able to do in today’s day-in-age.


Through Steve’s dedication to protecting the Vampyre Community during the early years, he was adopted by Lord Father Vincent & Lady Saige into their private house, House Orion. Through his experiences within Orion, he found a sense of family, comradery, loyalty, respect, and honor. Becoming protective over Orion and the entire Gotham community, Stephen formed House O’Mallie to rally his troops together under one roof. With his proven track record of handling business, he was proudly granted the first ever independent House charter of the Gotham Halo by Father Sebastiaan, solidifying Sabretooth’s status as a “Clan.” As such, House O’Mallie became the first official protectorate house of the Gotham Halo. Through this work and the energy O’Mallie carried, it didn’t take long for House O’Mallie to become one of the most respected bloodlines throughout the entire Vampyre Subculture. The trail O’Mallie blazed when becoming its own independent House led the charge for others doing the same. Because of this, “dual citizenship/membership” started being granted to others that wanted to be a part of both Sabretooth & a newer formed House.


Due to our lineage, we share a rich heritage that spans through the entirety of the history of the Gotham Halo as we know it.  Father Vincent is one of the Founding Fathers of the original Clan Sabretooth and Gotham Halo itself. Making our Bloodline one of the original royal bloodlinesBecause Father Vincent was regarded as the King of Gotham, his original descending bloodlines are considered royal in some people's eyes. of the Gotham Halo. Our family tree includes some of the most prominent and influential Elders to ever come from the early days of the Gotham Halo, shaping the way the Vampyre Community operates for generations to come.


Throughout Stephen O’Mallie’s time in the vampyre subculture, he has sired many notable figures who have gone on to establish their own houses or make names for themselves in their Organizations.


This has caused House O’Mallie to evolve into Clan O’Mallie. Now with several Houses, Bloodlines, and Courts under the O’Mallie Clan umbrella.

  • House Panthion Founders – Countess Monette Panthion & Lady Mehnea Panthion
  • Hidden Shadows Founder – Lord Xanatos
  • Asylum Guild & Malkavia Bloodline Founding Member – House Sentient Founder – Lady Veronica Malkavia
  • Court of Lazarus Officer – Ria O’Mallie
  • House Omnia Corvus Founders – Jessica O’Mallie-Corvidae & Kronos O’Mallie-Corvidae
  • House of the Divine Dusk Founder  – Astra O’Mallie


Between then and now…


In the time between when House O’Mallie was first established in 1995 to now, there is a rich history that spans across several states. As time continued forward, the dynamic of the Vampyre Community & Subculture radically changed with the growing popularity of the internet & subsequently social media outlets like myspace. Things became too out and open and therefore more dangerous for those who couldn’t be open with their nature. At one point, House O’Mallie went into a Legacy state. The Legacy state means that the House steps out of the public eye and no new members are Sired for an indefinite amount of time. With the way the community shifted, Steve’s moving out of Gotham, and the untimely passing of Lord D’Drennan, Steve felt it necessary to take some steps back to protect the daysides of the whole family.


The Resurgence of House O’Mallie

In 2017, the community seemed to cry out for the energy of House O’Mallie to return. There was a wave of activity in the community and a need knocking on Stephen O’Mallie’s doorstep that called to him to come back to his role as protectorate of the community. There had been a string of events that inspired the reanimation the House O’Mallie as a public facing organization again. It seemed that many of the prominent leaders of the time were in need of some protection from outside influences that meant to cause harm, so Steve rose to the occasion once again, just as he always has.


House O’Mallie & friends in New Orleans October 2023



With 30 years of legacy backing us up and bright skies over our road ahead, we’re elated to be working to preserve our lineage, our traditions, and our memories so that we can usher in a new generation that has the opportunity to learn about the old ways before the old ways die out.


About The Author

☥Jessica O'Mallie-Corvidae

Jessica Corvidae is an artist, writer, creator, teacher, and full time Vampyre Witch. Her uniquely practical Pagan approach to Vampyre Witchcraft and her longstanding leadership within the Vampyre Community has piqued the interests of audiences across the globe. Jessica’s no-nonsense attitude and low tolerance for bullshit has gained not only the attention, but the friendship and loyalty of many along the way.

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