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Author: Zaar Ashantison

Vampirism 101

Vampirism is a physical condition wherein the afflicted person’s body does not either produce enough, or none at all, of the essential energies to maintain a proper balance of physical, mental and emotional well-being and must, therefore, turn to outside sources to attain these energies. These sources range from blood to psychic energy to empathic energy to elemental energy to the ambient negative energy present every day to eclectic mixes of any of the above sources.

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Catalyst to Awakenings

We have a lot of controversy in the community and much of it is stimulated by talk of people being turned, embraced, or sired and so on. We, as real vampires KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this is not true. As much as those who are caught up in the myth and misconception want to believe. It simply is not true.

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Why Vampires are Arrogant

There seems to be an overwhelming arrogance that permeates the vampire community. That whole “I am better than you are and you should respect me for it whether you want to or not” thing that has gotten more panties in a wad than any lexicon of terms or debate over whether we should use the spelling vamp’I’re or vamp’Y’re.

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