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Misanthropic Vampire

Misanthropic Vampire

The Misanthropic Vampire is a brilliant cache of information and gnosis from Vipra Lykos. The site is self described as both a diary for her to share her experience as both a Luciferian and a Vampyre. She dives into her own personal systems, traditions, and philosophies and those of her order, Ordo Vipramae.

Alongside her writings that give a glimpse into what her and her Ordo believe, she also teaches about the Greater Vampyre Community and concepts, practices, and ideas that are held within the major Vampyre collective.

Vipra’s desire to collect information for both her own Order as well as the community in an honest way that is authentic to experiences with such are a breath of fresh air in a community that has been regurgitating the same things for a little too long. This website has been a source of reference in my own personal journey for several years now, as most other sources with this depth of information haven’t been touched by their admins in over 10 years.

This is a resource that I recommend you bookmark!

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About The Author

☥Jessica O'Mallie-Corvidae

Jessica Corvidae is an artist, writer, creator, teacher, and full time Vampyre Witch. Her uniquely practical Pagan approach to Vampyre Witchcraft and her longstanding leadership within the Vampyre Community has piqued the interests of audiences across the globe. Jessica’s no-nonsense attitude and low tolerance for bullshit has gained not only the attention, but the friendship and loyalty of many along the way.

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