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Catalyst to Awakenings

Catalyst to Awakenings

**Originally published in The Vampire Church’s E-Zine in December 2003**


Catalyst to Awakenings

By: Belfazaar Ashantison

**Warning… These are only MY views and are not supported by the Vampire Church [or The Vampyre Coven], its Founder and Elder, or the Council**

We have a lot of controversy in the community and much of it is stimulated by talk of people being turned, embraced, or sired and so on. We, as real vampires KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this is not true. As much as those who are caught up in the myth and misconception want to believe. It simply is not true.

However, there is a new theory that I would like to propose. We know that vampires are a flux of energies, due to our own imbalance and inability to produce energies. We know that we have to seek these energies from outside our own bodies. These energies come in many forms of sanguine energies, prana, chi, life energies, elemental energies, psychic energies or any combination of the above.

Consider this. We reach out searching for energies, drawing them to us with every breath we take (if you are one of the fortunate types of vampire who can get by without the sole need for blood), processing them and using them to bolster our failing energies.

There you are, just doing our thing and suddenly we come upon an unusual set of energies. You stop and turn around to meet this new energy quizzically wondering if it was your imagination playing games with you to find that there is a person standing there with a look very similar on their face. There is a moment of recognition of the energy flux that few can really pick up on. Many of us just shrug it off and walk away. But if you stop, feel, listen to your heart you will see that you have just felt someone else like you walk into your life.

You have also catalyzed a change in that person that will begin them questing for answers that only someone with your unique nature can ever possibly answer. You have been the catalyst to their awakening. Some unsavory vampires out there jump on this immediately, using a combination of myth, misconception and ‘ritual’ to attain a hold over the person by dropping words like ‘sire’, ‘fledgling’, and ‘blood bond’ to further this deceit. Don’t be fooled by it. Just because they helped in beginning your awakening, doesn’t mean that they hold some strange power over you. It simply means that they were there at the right time to see you blossom into the being you are supposed to be.

Remember just because they were the catalyst to your awakening does not mean they hold all the answers. There isn’t one of us in the community that does hold all the answers.

Explore this new world you have ‘awakened’ to. Find people, Houses, Organizations that you think hold the answers you need at this time and then go on from there. Ask questions no matter how silly you think they are. Seek your own path in this. Vampirism is a physical condition, but your questions and answers can take on a hint of the spiritual. Just remember that they are two totally separate entities.

For those of you that have catalyzed this person’s awakening. Be available to answer their questions. If you don’t have the answers or think your answers may not be sufficient enough, send them to someone who you feel might.

*smiles at all* Well, that’s it from me for this month.

Vitae Dominae


About The Author

Zaar Ashantison

Belfazaar Michael Bousum Ashantison is a well versed practitioner and teacher of archaic magic, Voodoo and Native American spirituality, Zaar is the founding member of the New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA) and works at Voodoo Authentica in New Orleans when not helping the homeless.

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