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Ethical Psy Vampyrism

Ethical Psy Vampyrism

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The ethics of modern real vampyrism is a topic that should be talked about more often. There is a movement within the vampyre community pertaining to the ethics of the way we act, the way we feed, and the way we handle ourselves in the mundane world. This particular post mostly speaks of the ethics of Psi Vampyrism but keeping ethics in mind no matter what type of vampyre you are, is very important. This will be the first of a series of posts regarding the ethics of real vampyrism.

Psi Vampyrism comes with great responsibility. Responsibility to those around you and responsibility to oneself. The one common trait that a lot of Psi Vampyres have is the need to feed from energies around them. However, not all who claim to be Vampyres have that intrinsic need to feed…. But that’s a post for another day.

Once you’ve realized your vampyric nature, you have a duty to yourself and everyone around you to take care of yourself. Your unchecked need to feed can manifest in disruptive and self-destructive behavior. Now, that’s not to say that vampyrism negates mental illness. It also doesn’t mean you’re not vampyric if you’re mentally ill. What I am saying is that if you are someone who needs to feed on energy and you do not take care of yourself as a vampyre, it can ravage your mind and body.

Not only can it have consequences for yourself but if you choose to not take care of yourself you can begin to unconsciously feed on those around you. We all know somebody who fits the bill of an “energy vampire” as they call them in the psychological world. Someone who just sucks the life out of you when they talk to you, or they don’t even have to say anything and just their presence drains your very existence. Chances are these people are unconscious vampyres or vampyres who do not take care of themselves. They no longer control their urges (or never did) and it can manifest itself in as drama and chaos in their lives that they often are attracted to for the source of energy they aren’t getting elsewhere.

As an energy vampyre, you have an ethical obligation to do what’s necessary to take care of yourself for your sake and those around you.

It is obvious that with this need to feed comes the opportunity to utilize your energy feeding and manipulation skills for your own benefit or for harm to others. What you do with your nature is up to you. As many Vampyres practice spirituality and philosophies of the Left Hand Path, or at least closer to that side of the spectrum, it is in our nature to use our abilities and gifts to advance ourselves through life. Morality and ethics are a spectrum, and ours do not fall within the range of societal norms. It is the duty of the ethical vampyre to weigh all your options and make decisions carefully as to how you choose to conduct yourself. I’m not going to preach karma or some kind of “rule of three” fear mongering statement at you to get you to remain ethical. What I will say is that there *are* consequences that catch up to you if you are a habitually shitty and unethical person. I’ve watched it happen over and over again.

Choose your path wisely.

Question: What ethics are important to you to uphold as a real vampyre? Tell me in the comments



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