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Vampyric Masking – Energetic Invisibility Cloak

Vampyric Masking – Energetic Invisibility Cloak

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Vampyric Masking – Energetic Invisibility Cloack

Every person has an energetic body or aura that surrounds them. This energetic body is said to have different layers, commonly referred to as the aura. Some people believe that the aura can be perceived by others, and that it can reveal information about a person’s emotional, mental, and spiritual state. This energetic body can also be influenced by different factors, such as emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Vampyric Masking is a vampyre’s ability to make themselves seemingly invisible to those around them by retracting their energetic body.

Energetic invisibility is the idea that a person can intentionally pull their energetic body or aura closer to themselves, making it more compact and less noticeable to others. By doing so, you can avoid being noticed or detected by others who might be sensitive to or capable of perceiving energy fields. This masking technique can be useful in situations where one wants to maintain privacy, avoid unwanted attention or influence, or protect oneself from negative energy or psychic attacks.

Vampyric Masking can be done through a series of visualization techniques, where the person envisions their energetic body becoming smaller and more contained, or it can involve physical techniques, such as pulling in their breath and holding it for a few seconds to help concentrate their energy.

Start by sitting with yourself, where ever you are. If you can take a private moment to yourself somewhere off to the side, that is ideal. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself. Feel deep within your core that you can not be seen. Visualize your aura. Pull it closer and closer to your body, bringing it as close to your physical body as possible. Feel yourself become unable to be perceived. Feel this feeling from your core to the edge of your shrinking aura, and shroud yourself in an energetic cloak of shadow to remain unseen.



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