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Resurgence Goth Night – Jacksonville Florida

Resurgence Goth Night – Jacksonville Florida

Resurgence Goth Night in Jacksonville Florida

Goth – Industrial – Dark Wave – Synth Pop


Creep out of your coffins and onto the dance floor- Resurgence Goth Night happens once a month in downtown Jacksonville, FL!
Resident and guest DJs feature the best classics and new releases in goth, industrial, post punk and dark wave.


You are invited to join the Resurgence… Resist the mundane, embrace the strange!


Hosted by JoHanna Moresco of The Cruxshadows

About The Author

☥Jessica O'Mallie-Corvidae

Jessica Corvidae is an artist, writer, creator, teacher, and full time Vampyre Witch. Her uniquely practical Pagan approach to Vampyre Witchcraft and her longstanding leadership within the Vampyre Community has piqued the interests of audiences across the globe. Jessica’s no-nonsense attitude and low tolerance for bullshit has gained not only the attention, but the friendship and loyalty of many along the way.

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